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On site pile inspections, testing and certification through:


  • Inspection and testing of rock sockets during drilling

  • Confirmation of ground conditions meeting design parameters through point load strength testing and GoPro videoing of actual sockets

  • Crosshole sonic logging

  • CAPWAP testing

  • Pulse echo method testing


​Geotechnical and environmental testing of soils and rock.

  • NATA accredited testing of soils and rock to AS1289

  • Presence of asbestos

  • Assessment of potential contaminants present

  • Acid Sulphate Soils

  • Sportsfield suitability - physical and chemical analysis

  • Permeability test, Long Term Acceptance Rates (LTAR)

  • Point Load test for rock strength


We have the equipment and capability to undertake the following:

  • In-situ CBR and Resilient Modulus using a ZORN Light Falling Weight Deflectometer

  • Plate Load Testing

  • Compaction, vertical & horizontal bearing capacity with a Variable Energy Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

  • Shear vane, tor vane and pocket penetrometer

  • Thermal and electrical resistivity

  • Double ring infiltrometer and mini-disk infiltrometer

  • Groundwater level monitoring

  • Point load strength tests


Ongoing advice and periodic inspections with certification for your project covering:

  • Trench excavations and shoring requirements

  • Batter slopes and stability

  • Slope stability of natural and cut faces

  • Working platform design, checking, and certification

  • Foundation bearing capacity

  • Proof roll certification

  • Level 1 and 2 supervision and statements of compliance to AS3798

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